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Open Access Financial Assistance
Conference Keynote Speaker
Board of Directors and ExComm Fund
Discretionary Fund
Digital Library
Student Scholarships
Student Travels

SCS thanks you for your donation and continued support to our society. 

The Open Access Financial Assistance fund will allow potential authors to submit articles to our Open Access areas within the JDMS and Simulation Journals. 


This Conference Keynote Speaker fund contributes to honorarium paid for high-quality Keynote Speakers. 


This fund will be used to allow the SCS Board of Directors and Executive Committee cover costs of future projects that benefit the society.


The Discretionary fund will enable us to continue to serve our members by providing funds for items such as:

  • Additional staff
  • New equipment such computers and laptops
  • Professional development for staff
  • Emergency expenses (e.g.natural disaster)
  • Cover other overhead expenses as they come up


The Digital Library fund will allow the digitization of the SCS's vast printed publications.


The Student Scholarship fund will help pay for student conference registrations. Student registrations are $250 per student.


The Student Travel fund will allow students who need financial support to travel to SCS Conferences.


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$200.00 from CHARLES in Darien, Illinois
Dr. Charles Macal

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